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what is seo | difrence between directories and search engine



SEO is a collection of technique,which is use make our website more compatible which search engine guidelines.




Directories have their own data & they doesn’t have any crawlers,
when we enter a query in directories,it shows the results of our
queries from its own stored data.Examples,,etc.

3 type of SEO results:

 Organic Results:

For  this results owner doesn’t pay any money , it is                                                                 
based on the optimization of the websites.

Paid Results:
For this kind of results owner have to pay money
for own website ranking.If the owner doesn't paid 
money then website ranking become decrease than

Local Results:
For this kind of results owner doesn't pay
money for own website ranking.Owner add his/her 
business under google local business list.Under
this results only local business list are shown

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